What Makes JUUL And MYLE Smoking Different?


Whether you are vaping for a long, planning to switch up your device, or planning to make a transition to e-cigarettes from traditional cigarettes, then there are two options that you can consider, namely JUUL and Myle. The main similarities between both of these devices are that both of these are lightweight, thin, and have a modern look and feel than other types of eCigarette devices. But there are some important differences as well. This blog defines the details:

JUUL: JUUL is a popular vaping device from 2015, and it is a very stylish and fun experience. The JUUL devices include two sections, the bottom part includes the battery and the temperature regulation system and the top part includes JUUL pods Australia or the cartridges that include e-liquid, which also work as the mouthpiece. The JUUL device allows users to take around 200 puffs per pod. As a result, the user will enjoy vaping for a decent amount of time before changing the pod.

Both JUUL pods and JUUL compatible pods Australia are available in a complete range of flavors like mango, mint, cucumber, and fruit medley. These devices also hold around 0.7 ml of e-juice with a nicotine level of 5%. All one has to do is to pop in the pod of his
preference and he will be ready to go.

MYLE: This eCigarette device is comparatively newer than the JUUL devices. The mission of creating this device is to create alternatives to conventional cigarettes while maintaining a great satisfaction level. The MYLE devices feature the most advanced vaping technologies available that offer an exceptionally smooth puff every time someone uses them. Like JUUL, MYLE also comes with a modern and sleek design. But the only difference between these two is that MYLE is more slender and therefore it fits better in your hand and the weight also feels more comfortable. As a whole, MYLE is easier to carry. Like JUUL, this device also includes two sections, the bottom part contains the battery and the top section includes an e-juice pod that works as the mouthpiece. MYLE pods Australia is available in a wide range of flavors including Cubano tobacco, mint, strawberry, mango, and watermelon mint.

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