Tips And Tricks To Enjoy Vaping With Nicotine Vape In New Zealand Even More


Vaping is similar to smoking. But unlike smoking, vaping has a bit of a learning curve that is not mostly talked about. While the majority of the nicotine vape in New Zealand devices available on the market these days are highly user-friendly, there are some additional tips and tricks to be followed to enhance the vaping experience even more. Usually, there are some potential issues that you can come across when using the pod systems. So, being aware of the issues and learning how to fix those is important.

  1. Get more vapor by gently inhaling the pod: Most pod devices depend on airflow sensors for automatically generating vapor when taking the draw. So, you must be
    familiar with the right inhalation techniques if you use an airflow sensor with the device. Too strong draws can lead to different types of issues mainly with small vaping devices. Loads of air pressure will suck the juice from the pod’s reservoir into the coil assembly, leading to issues like gurgling, device spitting, and leaking.
  2. The majority of the single-use pods can be refilled: Australian plus pod disposables are the single-use pods and the most popular vape kits available. People love to use these pods because of their convenience. Compared to refillable pods, single-use pods are more expensive. The majority of the manufacturers recommend a single-use-and- dispose approach, but unbeknownst to the majority of the users, there is a hack, which allows you to convert all your units to refillable devices. All you have to do is to pry away the mouthpiece from the top of the pod. You will find a rubber stopper underneath that would serve the purpose of preventing leakage. Take the stopper out, fill out the pod, and put things back again. Do it several times before disposing of the pods.
  3. Leave enough room when filling the pod: Whether you are using a multiple refilling pod or plus pod disposables in New Zealand, leave some room at the top while refilling. It would create an internal vacuum that serves a vital role. And it will prevent the eLiquid from being pushed out of the pod when replacing the silicon or rubber stopper.
  4. Cover the pod vent for a stronger hit: If you feel that the draw is airy and weak when inhaling the pod device, adjust the airflow properly to solve the issue. But covering the vent while inhaling will help you to get a stronger hit.

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