Restrictions During Vaping- Things You Must Know


When you do it right, vaping can be a great experience. It offers the users the joy of sweet treats without calories and the nicotine hit without cancer. So, there is a list of reasons what make vaping highly popular. But with the recent surge of vaping-related illnesses, it is important to be aware of the restrictions during vaping.

  1. Never get eliquid from any unknown sources: This is one of the biggest restrictions to follow when you choose to purchase vapes. People often face different types of vape- related health issues by choosing to purchase eliquids from the unlicensed nicotine-free vape seller in New Zealand.
  2. Overdoing nicotine: If you have not overdone nicotine earlier, then you are lucky. Nicotine sickness is the biggest hangover you can ever have. So, it is important to proceed with proper caution. Take shortfill eliquids and top up those with the minimum level of nicotine that you need. And then you can add more depending on your
  3. Never take the dry hit: You must be lucky if you have never experienced dry hits when vaping. But if you have experienced it, then you must not like to repeat this experience. The main reason for getting dry hits is not priming the coil properly before vaping. And to avoid this issue when using Australian plus pod disposables, try to drip the ejuice on the coil before putting back the tank together. After that, allow the device to sit for several minutes to ensure there is enough saturation of the coil.
  4. Don’t buy highly expensive eliquids: Yes, you can purchase expensive eliquids. Besides, many companies force you to purchase eliquids for more pennies saying that the liquids contain something additional. But the truth is that eliquids mainly contain three or four things namely PG, VG, flavor, and nicotine (if you choose) no matter from which Australian plus pods distributor you buy it from. There is nothing extra in any eliquid even if you buy a costly one. So, when a distributor asks you to pay above the odds for the eliquid, it is important to switch him.

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