Replacing The Pods- How To Know The Right Time?


Knowing the right time to change your pod on the vape pod is one of the most vital things about vape pod ownership. But unfortunately, there is no clear-cut answer as this thing completely depends on several factors, which tie into your vaping habits. Almost all of us push our devices a little very far. But this can put the devices at risk. So, learning the signs of replacing vape pods can safeguard your device and can prevent your device from breaking altogether or burning out. And to help you out, we are putting together a quick checklist.

  1. Change the pod if you get a stale or burnt taste: The most obvious sign of changing the JUUL pods Australia is when you take a puff and get a stale or burnt taste. The taste often comes in different severities and the harsher burnt taste is similar to smoking. So, as early as you notice the slightest and subtlest burning sensation from the pod, get it sorted out.
  2. Change the pod if you notice that the vape juice looks darker: Over time, vape juice starts looking darker because of oxidation. Although a little dark juice is fine, when it needs a change, you can find that the eliquid looks more like a slimy sludge than a slick liquid.
  3. No or little flavor: This is something that you can notice in the Myle pods Australia along with dry hits and less vapor production. In case the flavor of the vape is not coming through the device and you are getting a stale flavor instead, then there is a chance that the vape pod is running out.
  4. Less vapor production and dry hits: In case you find that even after your best efforts, the JUUL Australia is emitting less vapor, or if you find that you are getting dry hits that cause you to break out into the coughing fit, then you need to replace the pod to avoid damaging the device.
  5. Visible build-up on the coil: Some of the vape juices come with sugars and sweeteners as flavor enhancers. But this can clog up to the device over time as the sugar starts caramelizing because of the heat produced by the coil for a longer time. And this mostly happens when the eliquid goes past the prime, becomes thicker, and takes a lot of time to vaporize.

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