Myle Pod System Mighty Mint (4-Pack)


Myle Australia

Myle’s mission is to create exceptional products that give an alternative from traditional cigarettes for smokers worldwide. Ariel Gorelik the companies CEO claims the copany was founded and staffed by ex smokers looking for an easy and enjoyable way to vape, and in that mission they have been extremely sucessful.

Myle vs Juul

For the most part Myle and Juul are practically indistinguishable. There are however some differences, most of which are more pronounced in the U.S but some still apply to us in Australia.

  • Juul is far more popular and thus easier to get when in the U.S. In Australia its irrelevant as both have to be imported.
  • Both products are priced roughly the same with Juul maybe a fraction cheaper.
  • Myle has better flavours and more choice. Juul based in America has reduced thier range further with new legislation in the U.S.
  • Juul is the simpler product to use. As the Reddit users feedback goes “it’s idiot-proof”.
  • Myle is the better vaping experience, although not as simple as Juul it is widely regarded as the better experience; nicer to hold and longer battery life.

So the choice is rather simple as you can’t go wrong either way. Long term it looks like Myle may be the better option simply based on the number of flavours that will be available.

Myle Vape Review

I won the Myle so figured give it a shot.

Ive carried my juul and myle for the last week. And noticed i enjoy the draw of the myle. More the the juul. So I’m always pulling it out rather them the juul.

I like the juul flavors better. With the exception of lush watermelon.

Battery life seems to be unfazed by vaping a whole pod. The metal device is a nice touch

The big cons I can see and noted last time. Pods are more expensive than the Juul but they seem to last longer so it balances out particularly when you consider that the pods are refillable.

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