Pod Vapes Use- A Guide For The Beginners Just Like You


Now as you have planned the way how you want to consume nicotine and want to continue with a pod vape, it is better to learn several things about these vapes and to select the right one that suits your requirements. But at the same time, if you are a newbie, and know nothing about pod vapes Australia, then you must be thinking about what it is all about. The first thing to describe the pod vapes is that these come with refillable pods instead of tanks like the conventional vapes.

Apart from this, there are some other things, which differentiate pod vapes from the conventional vape kits. Some of these include pod vapes that are easier to use, smaller in size, and also designed for low-power output. Low power output means here the user will vape mouth-to-lung, which is quite similar to smoking and completely different from direct-to-lung smoking. This way, the smoker will have modest production of the cloud which will allow him/her to vape more discreetly. So, low power and modest cloud production are two things that make it simpler for people to adjust when they start their vaping habit for the first time compared to something high-powered, which throws clouds.

Types of pod systems available:

There are different types of vape pods Australia available, depending on the pod types one uses. For example, there are refillable pods, pre-filled pods, and reusable pods. Every type comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Apart from that, pod vapes are also available in different types of flavors depending on the drawing style that goes like a push button and auto-draw. Push-button is when the user prefers to take a hit; he/she just has to push a button on the device to inhale. But auto-draw is perfect
for small mouth-to-lung inhales and this is quite similar to smoking cigarettes. 

Pod vapes are mostly paired with e liquids that contain high nicotine like Juul classic tobacco. These e liquids even with the low-powered output allows the users to get the satisfying fix of nicotine within a minute or less. This is why having a small battery in these vapes becomes a non-issue.

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