Pod Smoking- Things To Know Before You Start


The concept of vaping is gradually changing. For a long period, the e-cigarettes kept on getting bigger and bigger. The journey started from cigalikes to vape pens, vape pens to tube mods, then tube mods to box mods, and then the box mods were packed with more and more batteries. And there were many reasons for it. The bigger devices allowed people to vape for a long time without having to charge and create bigger clouds. These work as the big plus points for most of the vapers of the present time. They can easily pair up these vapes with low nicotine and high VG ejuices and can still be satisfied when getting throat hit while getting the nicotine you need. But the pod systems like JUUL Australia converted this all on the head. These are not only simple, satisfying, and portable, but they are also the modern counterpart to the cigalikes. And these pods also have the potential to be a lot more than that.

Why do people prefer smoking pods?

If you are planning to try the pod system e-cigarette, you must learn the reasons why do people prefer smoking pods. Here are the points to consider:

1.Pods are easy to use: The “pod” design of the JUUL pods Australia makes the pod e-cigarettes very easy to use. These pods just pop in and out of the battery sections, and most of those work like cigarettes. So, all you have to do here is to inhale to vape.

2.Pods are compact: The pods are more compact compared to other modern vaping devices that make these the perfect choice if you want to vape out the house a lot.

3.Pods are more satisfying: Despite the sizes of the plus pods Australia being more in line with the cigalikes, these are more satisfying for vaping. This is very true mainly if you use a high-strength e-liquid or a high-strength nicotine salt.

4.Pods are more affordable: The cost of pod cigarettes often varies, but these are overall very affordable. And these are also cheaper than other mods available on the market.

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