Plus Vape Pods- Things To Know Before Using


Vape pods are now fast becoming one of the most renowned vaping products available on the market. But many people still have some questions about these pods like details about the pods and how long these last etc. So, this blog can help you with all the queries regarding nicotine-free vapo Australia

The plus pods come with rounded mouthpieces that are very common. The overall designs of these pods are identical to most of the pod types. These hit very perfectly most of the time and the availability of 6% nicotine offers these a great thump. The main advantage is that here you would have more flavors and more nicotine options to select from.

These pods work as the alternative JUUL pods Australia that contain 1 ml of 6% nicotine salt eLiquid, which are stronger than actual pods. These are also available in more than 14 flavors including a complete range of new ones and some of the classic ones. Although the flavors of plus pods mainly focus on the fruit department, there are also some cream and menthol variations.

How to make the plus vape pods last longer?

The lifespan of vape pods depends on the usage. But in case you want your plus pod disposables in Newzealand to last longer, some recommendations could go a long way.

  1. Pay attention while using the pods. Distraction often results in unnecessary and longer drags, which use more eLiquid.
  2. Clean and maintain the device occasionally for ensuring that it operates most effectively. Unmaintained devices can waste more eLiquid.
  3. If you are an ex-smoker and found that you need longer drags for satisfying the cravings, then you can opt for plus pods with eLiquids that come with higher nicotine concentration.
  4. It is always better to use eLiquids with lower VG concentrations. The lower the concentration, the better the liquid would soak into the wick.
  5. Opt for less colorful and less sweet eLiquids. These variations come with sugars that caramelize and cause some residue to develop in the device. Over time, it would shorten the life of the pods.

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