JUULs- Why Are These So Popular?


e-cigarettes are well known by different brands and names and JUULs are one of the most popular ones. JUULing is also popularly known as vaping as it produces tiny clouds of vapor or puffs during use. This is one of the reasons why JUUL pod vapes in Australia have become highly popular among young users within this short term. And it has also amassed almost half of the total share of the e-cigarette market. But before you start using it, there are some vital things that you should know about JUUL that may keep you away from the risk of cigarette dependence.

So, let’s start with what the JUUL is:

JUULs are battery-powered devices that heat the often flavored liquids like JUUL Virginia tobacco, also known as the e-juice, vape juice, or e-liquid, which include nicotine. These devices are available in different sizes and shapes like USB sticks, pens, flash drives, and other daily use items. And the best part is that you can inhale the JUULs like regular cigarettes to experience the feeling of smoking real cigarettes. This is the reason why people often use eCigarettes as the perfect alternative to traditional cigarettes. 

How does JUULS work?

JUULS devices mainly work by heating the cartridges that contain oils to produce vapor that dissolves quickly into the air. These devices are pretty small to fit in the close fist and also have tech-inspired and sleek designs, which resemble USB flash drives. The proprietary eLiquid of JUUL pods mainly include propylene glycol, glycerin, and a great mix of benzoic acid, nicotine, and flavored additives. While these devices are heated with a metal wick, these create a smoke-like white substance that carries both flavor and nicotine. While the manufacturer like Vapezone mentions that JUULs are ideal for the adults, JUULs are available in different flavors apart from JUUL classic tobacco like menthol, mango, cream
Brulee, and mint. All these flavors are highly appealing to young people and these also facilitate initiation of the use of tobacco products. Although eCigarettes never contain tobacco, the FDA
or the Food and Drug Administration classifies these as tobacco products.

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