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Getting Juul vape Juice in your mouth, also known as “spit back” is a common issue for people using Juul devices. 


There can be a million different reasons why this is happening. Sometimes it’s just strange conditions with in high altitude. It could be that your Juul Device is damaged, or the pod is cracked. 

It could also be that the hit’s you’re taking are much too big and too hard. Sucking too hard and long causes too much force to placed on the inside of the device with excessive heat, allowing for small bits of juice to leak through the bod. Even pressure exerted by your mouth during use can be stronger than you might realise.  

If you’re really unlucky there you might have just been given a defective unit. Luckily Juul offers a one year warranty and it’s quite easy to get a device serviced or replaced. 


As all things containing nicotine, there very well could be some adverse health effects. However, there’s nothing about getting small amounts of  vape juice in your mouth that would pose any great risk by itself. Nicotine poisoning can be a concern, so it would be advisable to wash avoid inhaling it if you can and maybe wash your mouth out after, although this is pretty rare and you shouldn’t be too worried. 

What you should be concerned about however is the juice leaking on the Juul electronics. This can cause damage to the internal workings of the your device. 


The first thing you should do is try to take it easy on the hits for a little while. It could just be you’re sucking too hard and long. Also be careful to not squeeze the pods or device too much while using it. 

Try cleaning around the the inside of the device with a cotton, making sure there’s no leaked liquid around the vape. 

Try a different pod. If you’re lucky, any defect in the system lies in pod and not the device. Just try switching it out with a fresh one and see if you can still taste the juice or if it comes out clean. Be sure to store your pods in a cool dry area where they won’t get damaged in any significant way.

People have report issues in places like high altitudes and hot places with varying level of humidity which have caused irregularity in how the vape operates. . 

If none of these help you may have to look into getting it serviced or replaced. Juul provides a one year limited warranty, but even then you can pick up a new Juul device in Australia even without breaking the bank.


Swallowing vape juice is something that’s going to happen to every now and then, but with proper maintenance and handling it can be kept to a pretty small minimum. 

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