Juul Compatible Pods

Looking to buy some Juul Pods in Australia?

Juul is by far one of the biggest brands in vaping, Juuling basically being just another word for vaping in modern culture.One of the great things about this is that many other companies have seen this and made their flavoured pods compatible with Juul devices, creating a sort of standard for vaping pods. However, there are some brands and devices, which don’t follow this, which has caused a weird sort of confusion. 

What is a Juul Pod

Although, not always, you can generally see which brand of pods are compatible by looking at the bottom of the oil tank to where the pod connects with battery devices. Usually it’s pretty easy to tell which is which, as other devices such as Myle are able to be distinguished. 

Why not buy Juul?

A lot of people wonder why they would buy a juul compatible pod and not just Juul itself. 

Well, while Juul is one of the best, they’ve been under a great deal of pressure with the current fear around vape bans. Recent media attention around health concerns involved with the industry in America, as well as huge amounts of “someone please think of the children” style rhetoric. 

This has caused makes it hard for Juul to produce a huge variety of Vapes, especially the “flavoured” pods. This is where other brands, like Plus Pods and Eonsmoke come in. Without having as much of an investment in the market they’re freer to offer a wider variety of flavours and types of vaping.

Where Juul has had to drop most of their flavours to be safe to operate, smaller brands are able to experiment allot more and release any flavour they want. 

 Juul Compatible Brands

The best quality are considered to be Eonsmoke, Plus Pods and Zip Pods. 

Many others considered worth trying are TEEL, 4X and J Pods. 

Amongst these, you can find many satisfying, sweet, fruity, and even esoteric flavours, like “waffles” and “coffee”. 

Luckily, most of these maintain the same amount of vape, so they usually last just as long as standard Juul vapes. For more info in that, check this out.

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