JUUL Australia- One Of The Most Preferred Vaping Devices Among Young Vapers

JUUL Australia

Vaping has now become one of the biggest public health issues and the center of vaping is JUUL, a San-Fransisco-based e-Cigarette company. Although there are many nicotine vapes available on the market, JUUL has gained immense popularity for the easy-to-use and sleek designed pods. So, if you are eager to start JUUL, then you must learn a few details about this vaping device.

JUUL is an electronic cigarette, which heats the nicotine solution for producing vapors. Here the nicotine solution is available in “pre-filled pods”, which attach to the battery section. JUUL Australia pods are self-contained (mouthpiece, wick, coil) and they are completely disposable. These pods have different durations and can hold around 0.7ml liquids. JUUL pods are usually available with two different nicotine strengths of 5mg and 3mg. These pods can be refilled physically with just several tweaks.

The JUUL device comes with a battery with a capacity of almost 200mAh. This capacity allows the device to work for around four hours even after heavy use. And the moderate users are capable of extending the life of the pod and the battery based on the inhalation style.

How JUUL is different from other variants of eCigarettes?

The high nicotine content of JUUL used to be the anomaly in the field of eCigarettes, but now the researchers think that this device is going to rule. And after the surge of JUUL’s popularity, other manufacturers of eCigarettes have started bumping up the nicotine content in the products.

The main difference between JUUL and other variants of eCigarettes is that the former comes with a closed system, which means the users can’t refill the pods by themselves. And this is very helpful in controlling the quality of the product. But most of the eCigarettes like plus pods Australia use open systems, which allow the users to refill the systems according to their needs with bottles of eJuice or eliquid.

Features like compact design, small size, and minimal plume make the JUUL devices more discreet than the vaping devices of other brands. With no switches or buttons, these devices only include snap-on, disposable cartridges. Besides, the inbuilt temperature regulation system of this system prevents the vapers from experiencing dry hits. Dry hits mainly take place when vape cartridges overheat or they get too low on the liquid, creating throat irritation and a burnt taste.

Which are the main ingredients in the JUUL pods?

JUUL pods generally comprise of two parts, first, there is an eCigarette that contains the temperature regulator, battery, and sensors, which can read the charge level. And next is the pod that includes the patented eliquid formula of JUUL, which is a mix of glycerol, nicotine salts, benzoic acid, propylene glycol, and flavorings.

Here glycerol works as a humectant which means it adds moisture to the solution.  Benzoic acid is naturally found in different plants, but the synthetic part of this component is widely used as a food preservative and additive. 

Propylene glycol is another synthetic compound, usually used for the production of polyester. But it is also used as an additive for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food products. Although flavorings work as an ambiguous term, it mostly refers to different synthetic and natural ingredients, which are used to flavor the products. In JUUL pods, the flavors usually include peppermint oil or extract.

Nicotine salts in JUUL vape juice are the type of nicotine, which usually feels more like cigarettes while being inhaled compared to other vapes, which use freebase nicotine. Freebase nicotine causes coughing and leaves films in the throats of vapers is harsher and this element is generally found in cigars.

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