JUUL- A Completely New Definition Of Vaping


With the ever-increasing trend of the vape culture, electronic cigarettes are becoming one of the most popular methods for smokers to start quitting the habit of traditional cigarettes. Even though JUULs are usually marketed as the alternative of tobacco for long-time smokers, now these have become a great sensation with the non-smoking, younger population.

JUUL Devices at a Glance:

When you count on nicotine vape in Australia devices or pens, you may have some particular images in your mind. But JUUL doesn’t fit into this image. It is a flat, long device with a smooth surface, which is quite similar to a flash drive. JUUL has two main components. The top area is the e-liquid cartridge that one has to stick into the device and the bottom area is the main
device that includes the temperature regulation system and the battery.

JUUL is quite easy to conceal with the quickly e-vaporated and minimal smoke and USB-like
appearance. Here a heating element activates the ingredients instead of a flame. And the heating element is charged by the USB charger. Besides, here the pods or the liquid cartridges store the liquid vape juice that contains the nicotine.

The pods of JUUL include a blend of propylene glycol and glycerol, benzoic acid, nicotine, and flavorants. Besides, the pods of JUULs are available in different flavors like cool mint, JUUL Virginia tobacco, fruit medley, crème brulee, etc. And the best part of JUUL is that here both the pods and the devices can be purchased from the local vape shops, gas stations, or from the online stores like Vapezone.

How does JUUL Differ?

One of the major differences between JUUL and other types of e-cigarettes is that the former comes with no settings. Besides, the device also comes with a unique temperature-regulation technology that prevents combustion or overheating. So, there is no chance of exploding or burning. Here the device senses when the smoker takes a pull from the mouthpiece and then
the device heats up to vaporize the liquid inside. This is one of the major reasons why people, especially young people prefer to buy JUUL Australia.

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