How To Change The Vape Coils?


Generally, it is important to change the vape coils every 1-2 weeks. But sometimes, it completely depends on the suction habits of the vapers. So, the higher the vaping frequency, the more frequent the coil replacement must be. In case you are a beginner and want to know when the right time to change the vape coils is, then let me tell you that the right time is when the sucked taste becomes sour, lighter, or burnt. And if you don’t have an idea of how to change the vape coils quickly, then this guide is just for you. Besides, you can also ask the nicotine vape seller in Australia about the same.

  1. Start the process by removing the tank from the vape body. But be careful when disassembling the vape. Hold the vape body with your left hand and the tank with the right and then rotate the tank in the opposite direction for unscrewing the tank from the vape body.
  2. Turn the tank upside down and then turn the bottom part of the tank counterclockwise for removing the tank base. Once you get the tank base and the tank tube, the next step is to wrap the coil head with a paper towel and rotate the coil counterclockwise to remove it from the nicotine-free vape Australia base.
  3. After that, discard the eJuice liquid in the tank tube and then wash the tank with warm water. After washing, dry the tank with a paper towel and set it aside.
  4. Next, take out a new coil that matches with your tank and then drip the eJuice along with cotton. You can get the coil from a professional Australian plus pods distributor. Make sure that you drip a little amount of juice to allow the cotton to have more time to absorb the juice. The dried cotton will keep on dripping into the juice and finally, it will
    get absorbed into the juice to fullness.
  5. After that, replace the coil filled with juice to the coil base and rotate it clockwise until it becomes tight. But never overtighten the coil too hard. Once you are done, put the coil head into the tank and then fill the tank with some fresh e-liquid.

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