How long will your Juul last you

Looking to buy some Juul Pods in Australia?

A question asked by many people ask when wanting to get into vaping in Australia is “how long will this device last me”. People want to know how many pods to order and how long will their Juul device stay charged for. 


The easy part to vaping through the day is keeping your Vape Charged. It’s just like any other electronic, charge it over night, use it through the day, charge it in your car or at a computer if it runs out. The other is the juice pods, which you’ll need to order regularly.

How long does a Juul charge last

Juul claims that their battery’s will be good for 200 puffs. While this is generally accurate at the time of purchase, rechargeable batteries tend to slowly degrade after allot of use. Especially if you’re someone who uses it long and hard. 

Although not necessary, heavy users often carry around one or two devices with them, either for a second flavour, as a way to swap out if needed. 

How long does a Juul Pod last

The harder part is to keep up with Pods, the actual Juice part of the device. Luckily, these were designed to be synchronous with the battery, also lasting 200 puffs, give or take. 

It should be noted that there’re are very large amount of third party juice pod that are compatible with Juul devices that can be both cheaper, stronger and with larger capacity. Taking the time to find an alternative brands, such as Eon Smoke or Plus pods can be very beneficial.

Some people do have some issues, like getting vape juice in your mouth.


Puffs are a fairly vague term, as everyone has their own way they like to use their vape. It is a good idea to keep in mind that those who vape long and suck excessively risk putting their battery at risk and leaking juice. Most people consider the 200 puffs to be equivalent to one pack of cigarettes. 

A better frame of reference would be time. 

Most heavy users say that one pod a day and one charge (maybe a little bit more) is needed to last them through the day. Although if you’re more of a conservative, casual user a a single pod could last you from a few days or through an entire week. 


Allot of people may be looking asking how 200 puffs compare to conventional smoking. 

You can get a Juul Vape Starter kit, including everything you need (device, starter 2 pods, chargers) for around about 70. This is the price of entry. 

After that, every time you need to refill (or buy a new pack of cigarettes) you’re looking at 30$ for a pack of 4 pods, vs 30$ the a quarter of that with conventional smoking. This, as well as with the comparative health advantages, is a big reason why so many people are choosing to switch over to Juul Vape in Australia

After this, you’ve also opened up a new world of varied flavours and blends of vape Juice, being able to go as far as to choose your own nicotine content.

If you’re interesting in looking to make a change check out our Juul Starter Kit.

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