Flying With The Best JUUL Disposables In Australia- A Guide


Air travel is quite straightforward for the vapers. It means you can easily carry your vape on the flight along with the eliquid and extra batteries. And you will not face any problems as long as you are aware of the procedure and follow the basic rules of carrying nicotine vape in Australia. So, while taking away the vape with you, it is important to pack the vape pen, disposable, or vape device in the hand/carry-on luggage. Airlines across the globe don’t allow placing eCigarettes or vapes in the hold.
So, if you are planning to fly with the vapes, then here is a guide that would help you: Due to the concerns over fires in the cargo hold, the vape batteries and electronic devices are only allowed to carry onto the plane in the checked baggage or your pocket. This is a global rule with no exception. 

Other tips for carrying vape devices:

  1. If you are carrying extra batteries with vape devices, you must carry them in safe cases made of plastic for avoiding accidents.
  2. If the mod uses additional batteries then you should carry a battery charger.
  3. For a short trip, you must carry simple devices like plus pod disposables in New Zealand. These vapes don’t need chargers, they are highly portable, and there is no
    need to pack separate eliquid.
  4. Full tanks can often link due to cabin pressure. Therefore, you must fill the tanks of your vaping device partially or leave those empty till arriving at the destination.

Important tips for carrying vape juices:

Apart from carrying the best JUUL disposables in Australia, there are some rules to carry vape juices like carrying other liquids in the plane. In case you are planning to carry more than 1 bottle of vape juice, then you must fit it in the 1-quart bag allowed in the carry bag and then put it in the checked luggage. And you can also carry the pods and cartridges along with the juices. And don’t forget to double bag the juices to avoid getting the juice spilled on your clothes inside the luggage.

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