Flavors Of Plus Pods- A Guide


Plus pods are the alternatives to the best JUUL disposables in Australia that contain 1 ml of 6% nicotine salt e-liquid. So, they are stronger than the original pods and hold more liquid. These pods also come with more than 14 flavors including classics and a bunch of new ones. The flavors mainly focus on the fruit department but there are a cream flavor and some menthol varieties. Here are the details of some of the popular flavors of plus pods that you can purchase from any Australian plus pods distributor.

1.Lemonade: This is one of the most popular flavors of plus pods. It tastes like lemonade with a pinch of sugar.Besides, it also offers a great citrusy flavor.

2.Banana: Although this pod doesn’t taste like ripe and fresh bananas, it reminds the users of banana-flavored Runts candy. It also offers the users a complete change of pace from all the standard flavors like mint, strawberry, and mango. So, if you want something different, then this is one of the best flavors you can give a try.

3.Mango: This variant of Australian plus pod disposables tastes similar to the original JUUL ones. The natural and fresh flavor offers a sweet and tangy taste in the mouth.

4.Blue raspberry: If you prefer a tangy and nice fruity flavor while vaping, then this is a popular flavor that you can opt for. This flavor is not too sweet or sour, rather it is very smooth.

5.Strawberry: This plus pod flavor comes with a pleasant taste of strawberry without any artificial taste. The best thing about this flavor is that it is not that sweet or tart, but it comes with a straight-up tasty flavor.

6.California cream: This is the perfect alternative to the JUUL’s Creme Brule with a creamy and light flavor. This flavor is also quite subtle. So, if you are into desserts and custards, then you will surely prefer it.

7.Iced mint: If you prefer experimenting with different brands and flavors, then this is the flavor you can choose. This flavor comes with a fresh minty taste along with a powerful menthol effect.

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