FAQs Page

Vape Pod Devices, such as the Juul and Myle Devices, are an easy to use device designed for adult smokers seeking a healthier, yet just as satisfying alternative to conventional cigarettes

Adult smokers who want the experience of smoking, yet without the troublesome extras of ash, litter and excessive odour can find the transition to Vape Pod Devices easy and of the same strength that they’re used to.

No. Juul  & Myle makes their own devices to be used with their own pods, however, many third parties, like Eonsomke and Plus make their e-juice pods compatible with Juul. However, these will not be usable in a Myle device.

Pod Devices are pretty easy to maintain, just use a dry or slightly damp cotton bud to clean charge contacts and around the insides.

Regular shipping is about 7 business days. Faster for metropolitan areas.

Express shipping is 3-4 business days.

You cannot import or sell nicotine vape devices in Australia. However individuals are allowed to buy them from overseas for personal use.