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Flavor Profile: Caffe Latte.

Eonsmoke (Juul Compatible) Pods are an exciting way of livening up the flavors available for your Juul device.  They come in a variety of unbelievable nicotine salt flavors that will blow your mind.  They come 4-Pods to a pack and are readily available for delivery!

  • Each pack contains 4 pods.
  • Each pod contains 1ml of vape juice.
  • Each pod is pre-filled with:
    • 40MG – 4% nicotine salt.
    • 60MG – 6% nicotine salt.
    • 70MG – 7% nicotine salt.
  • Approximately 300 puffs per pod.
  • Eonsmoke Pods are compatible with your Juul Device!

Note: Eonsmoke Pods contain 1ml of vape juice compared to Juul at .7ml, giving you an additional 1.2ml of vape juice per pack!

Each pack contains 4 pods.

JUUL is a registered trademark of JUUL Labs, Inc.

Eonsmoke and VapeZone are not affiliated with or endorsed by Juul or Juul Labs in any way.


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