Disposable Pods- A Brand New Experience To The Vapers

Disposable Pods- A Brand New Experience To The Vapers

Pods, which are also known as the pod vapes, pod mods, and vape pods are the latest versions of vaping products. The best features of these pods are that these are simple to maintain and easy to use. All one needs to enjoy vaping with these pods is to replace these after using. Besides, plus pod disposables in New Zealand also offer low-powered pulls by using higher
strengths of nicotine with the integrated pod rather than a tank. All of these features together create ultra-portable and easy to use vape systems. As a result, this vaping system is perfectly suitable for people, who have not found suitable vaping products yet. Unlike other devices, the pod vapes can offer cigarette-like experiences to people while impacting their crave and
replicating the convenience.

Guide to Choosing the Best Pod System:

There are different types of pod-based vapes available now on the market like Australian plus pod disposables. But like other variants of vaping devices, selecting the right pods also depends on the experience that one likes to have. So, here are a few things that one must consider when
choosing the pod system:

  • Capacity: As pods mainly come in small sizes, therefore these have smaller tank capacities compared to sub-ohm devices or box mods. Apart from that, the pod systems are also available in different capacities, and here the lower the capacity, the more often the user needs to refill or change the pod.

  • Shape and size: Being typically small, pods are the portable versions of vape mods. But usually, the pods are available in various shapes like badge shape or long and skinnyones.

  • Flavor options: Although most of the pods come with limited flavor options, others come with some additional flavor options like JUUL classic tobacco to fit the vaping profiles of different users.

  • Battery life: As the pods come in compact size options, these devices mostly have less powerful and smaller batteries compared to the larger devices. Based on the battery type that is built into a pod device, it can go longer between charges compared to others.

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