Difference Between Vaping And Juuling- Things You Need To Know

Juuling and Vaping are not much different, but these are not similar. Vape is mainly the vaporizer used in e-cigarettes and Vaping mainly refers to using an e-cigarette or vaporizer to inhale vapor containing nicotine. And Juul is one of the brands that specialize in offering a specific type of e-cigarettes. The process Juuling refers to using Juul from the brand like Vapezone that is a process of Vaping.

In the process of Vaping, nicotine is delivered into the lungs with the conventional method of combustion. In this process, electricity is used to heat water, which contains nicotine and other substances. Then the water is converted into vapor, which can be inhaled then. The nicotine quotient is higher in vapes compared to normal cigarettes. On the other hand, Juuling is about using a specific brand or type of e-cigarette like Juul Virginia tobacco. These devices look like a USB flash drive and not like a conventional e-cigarette. Juuls can be charged by plugging into the USB drive of the electronic device instead of a special charger or battery. Here the vaporized fluid contains flavors like mint or fruit to make the smoking experience more appealing.

Why do Teens Prefer Juul vs. Vape?

Juuling is highly popular among teens, and more than 20% of high schoolers use e-cigarettes, most of which are Juuls. There are many reasons why teens prefer to buy Juul Australia. Some of these reasons are:

1. Their family members or peers use Juul
2. There are different flavors available in Jull
3. Juul is also available in those areas where tobacco items are not available
4. There is a belief that Juuling is safer compared to other products containing nicotine
5. Juul can be purchased online by ticking a box, which attests that the buyer is the required age.
6. As Juuls have relaxed restrictions, therefore these are easy to obtain, especially for the students.
7. Juuls look like a flash drive. And therefore, it becomes quite easy for the students to hide those and use those even in those areas where Juuling is prohibited like a classroom.

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