Australian Plus Pod Disposables Vs. JUUL Pods- Which Is The Best Option For Beginner Vapers?


If you are a beginner vaper and if you are going to try vaping for the first time, then selecting the right eCigarette is very important as this will decide your ultimate vaping experience. Any issue that you experience during this conversion can put you off from vaping, whether it is the complication of using the device or the unsatisfying nicotine delivery, or not being able to select the right flavor. This is why it is necessary to choose the right vaping device as per your needs. And to do this, you must compare the two most popular types of vaping devices, which are plus pod disposables and JUUL disposables.

Both of these devices are designed for mouth-to-lung inhaling, which allows the user to feel like smoking when using any of these devices. Besides, both of these devices use eliquids that include high-strength nicotine salt. This thing helps the user to enjoy vaping with cigarette-like satisfaction.

But to help you out in selecting the right type of vaping device as per your needs, here in this blog, we will compare the details of both of these vapes.

  1. Plus pod disposables: These vaping devices use pre-filled disposable pods and you can use these devices instantly. The Australian plus pod disposables store the eliquids in the plastic pods, which also include the atomizer coils of the devices. When the pod becomes empty, you have to replace it with a new pod. Moreover, you also have to replace the device in case the battery of the pod doesn’t hold a charge.
  2. JUUL disposables: The JUUL disposables are vaping devices, which are readily available to use. This means you can start vaping this device immediately after unpacking. Besides, there is no component to maintain or no setting to adjust. As the best JUUL disposables in Australia are not designed to be recharged or refilled, this means you have to dispose of the device while the battery dies or the eliquid runs out. So, if you plan to use these devices as a full-time replacement for smoking, you would need around several eCigarettes every week.

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