An Ultimate Guide To JUUL Pods


JUUL works as a great starter device for fashionable backup units. It is also perfect for discreet vaping as the measurement of JUUL is 95mm in length and 14 grams width with the full pod installed. When it comes to looks, it is discreet and resembles the USB memory stick, which makes it both a great travel vape and a great desktop device.
What makes JUUL so popular?
The JUUL is a masterwork of design that comprises lightweight, small, and compact yet sturdy components. Here the casing is available in a small selection of matte, subtle shades. There is no firing button on the device. Instead, it depends on “draw-activation”, where the user controls the JUUL by his breath. The JUUL pods are one of the most popular variants that offer a tempting simplicity to the users. And the best thing about using JUUL is that there is no need to learn anything to vape it. All you have to do is to buy JUUL Australia, plug in one, and then you can start vaping.
How to refill the JUUL pods?
Once you start vaping with JUUL, you would like to know how to refill these plus pods Australia to enjoy uninterrupted vaping? So, if you decide to refill these pods on your own, then you would need some basic tools like a set of pliers or a thin flathead screwdriver.
Then here are the steps to follow:

  1. Remove the plastic casing: Just wiggle off or ease the plastic casing at the head of your JUUL pod and remove it. Do it carefully to ensure that the casing doesn’t get damaged. Otherwise, it will lose its efficacy. 
  2. Extract the silicone stopper: Once it is off, extracts the silicone stopper located inside. This way, you will have complete access to your JUUL Australia pod and then you can fill it with your favorite eLiquid.
  3. Repeat the process in reverse: The next step is to reverse the process and you are set. All you have to remember that the JUUL pods can’t be refilled. Otherwise, the internal coil will not last for long.

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