A Comprehensive Guide On Plus Pod Disposables Before You Buy Nicotine Vape In New Zealand


The plus pod disposables are the disposable vaping devices ideal for on-the-go vaping. Being compact and easy to carry, you can easily take them with you wherever you go. The ergonomic design of these vapes makes them simpler to hold and carry without having to worry that you might lose them while traveling. These pods are also pre-filled and pre-charged. So, there is no need to fill or charge them with eJuice. These vapes are also well known because of their flavors. There are almost 22 types of flavors available in these pods, starting from Orange Cream and Plain Mango to Tobacco to Banana Ice. With flavors like Euphoria, which is a seamless mix of raspberry and pomegranate, these vapes delight your palette in the best way time after time. 
Other features of the plus pod disposables in New Zealand are:

  1. Every device is available with 1.2ml of eliquid
  2. Every plus pod vape allows for almost 300 puffs
  3. The vapes are also available with 60mg or 6% nicotine salts
  4. The device is available with a 280mAh integrated battery

How do the disposable pod vapes work?

The disposable pod vapes are usually found inside a sealed cardboard box or bag. It is also available with an inbuilt fully-charged battery and a pre-filled e-liquid reservoir. The eliquid of the Australian plus pod disposables are either freebase or some of these liquids include nicotine salt in the blend. In each way, the main job of the disposable vape device is to offer the users a similar experience to standard eCigarette vaporizers. This product automatically activates whenever the user inhales from vape from the mouthpiece and this thing produces nicotine-infused vapor. Here the total number of puffs is similar to what a user gets from a single pack of cigarettes. This is a lot more than what the traditional vapes offer. And it is also the thing that makes this tiny device highly versatile and so popular. Apart from offering better vapor, the nicotine vape in New Zealand also offers a stellar battery life, and an amazing throat hit to the users to make the vaping experience highly enjoyable for them.

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