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Getting Pod Vapes in Australia is now easier then ever. We source genuine vape products from the worlds best pod brands; Juul Labs, Myle, Plus Pods and Eonsmoke.

Shipped expressly direct from our US warehouse never run out of pods again with our US manufactured quality products. Shop with confidence because if you are not happy with any of the products we ofer a no questions asked money back guarantee.

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Do Juul pods contain formaldehyde
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Why Juul?

The reason we recommend Juul products wherever possible is because they are the best. Juul Labs has probably been around the longest in the pod vape industry and they continue to improve on their product year after year. Juul in Australia has always been a bit difficult to obtain because of draconian vaping laws but its easy enough to import directly for personal use. So now that Australians have access to Juul we highly recommend you giving them a go. You will not be disappointed by the easy and enjoyable experience.

Quit Smoking

If you are sick of the cost, smell and health issues caused by cigarettes but have trouble quitting, then vaping but in particular pod vaping may be the key. Containing nicotine to satisfy the addiction and mimicking the habits of smoking has resulted in exceptional quitting rates amongst people who switch to vape pods. Juul and Myle were founded by ex-smokers looking for a realistic way to quit smoking. Australians pay exorbitant amounts for their cigarettes so if you want to save $100’s of dollars a week then switching to vapes.

Vape Products On Table

Getting Started with Vaping

If its all a bit new to you or seemingly overwhelming the easiest way to start is with a Juul Starter Kit. It comes with a Juul Device and a mix of the most popular plus pods flavours to get you going. It works out much cheaper than buying all the products yourself but more importantly it is everything you need to get started and without having to make any decisions. It also allows you to test some of the most popular flavours so you can work out what suits your taste.

The Benefits of Pod vaping

To keep it simple its easier. Not just easier but heaps easier. No more spilling e-juice as you try to refill or mixing flavours by accident or having to adjust settings for each new supplier. Pod vapes let you pop it in and vape, and because it is that simple it is far more effective for people trying to replace cigarettes.

In addition when you choose trusted brands the products and juice are guaranteed to work the way they are supposed to. Even if you have a Juul device the other brands like Plus pods (who have more flavours) are Juul compatible.

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